Birds of Coomalie

For anyone interested in the birds we have been seeing at our site aside from red-backed fairy-wrens, here is a list we put together of the birds seen in the past two months. Previous researchers at Coomalie were able to compile a list of 164 birds species, making our list of 100 seem less impressive…but as our months here add on, the list will continue to grow. Highlights were the Gouldian Finches (which over the course of a couple days everyone was able to see), and Jabirus at both the big and the little dams—always impressive to see, especially in flight. Rainbow bee-eaters are seen daily, in fact they are so common that one starts to take for granted how beautiful they are. And, last but not least, my favorite birds here, the kingfishers: 4 species seen so far, but still keeping our eyes peeled for that Little Kingfisher.

Birds of Coomalie


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