Darwin (Kathryn)

Hanging up our boots for a few hours, we headed into downtown Darwin for an afternoon on the town. With the sun still high in the sky, we headed to the Darwin Museum to view an eclectic mix of all things “Northern Territory”, including fine art, natural history, anthropology, and an extensive boat exhibit. From there, we headed along the coastline to Fannie Bay for a quick dip. The sailboat-spangled, mangrove-fringed waters shimmering aquamarine beneath the afternoon sky as we walked along the beach. As the sun slid lower, we waved the coast farewell and headed inland for the Darwin Botanical Gardens, a celebration of the array of flora that decorates the Northern Territory year round. We concluded our trip with some souvenir shopping and a bite to eat at a local pie shop. Our Darwin Day Trip was an exciting jaunt into the Northern Territory’s largest city that expanded our view of the NT’s character.

A view of the Timor Sea from Darwin

A view of the Timor Sea from Darwin


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