9 weeks goes by fast

It seems like only yesterday that the students were arriving in Brisbane, but yesterday I dropped them at the airport for post-IRES travel.

We finally remembered to take a group photo on our last day at the field site, and also went out with a bang by winning trivia at the Samford Hotel! Here we are with trivia master Mark Shiels–all of the hats were won at trivia throughout the last 9 weeks.




Christmas in July!

Since it’s winter here, we decided to celebrate Christmas in July! The festivities started on July 23 (Festivus in July; shown here are Sarah D. and Taylor participating in feats of strength while Joe holds the festivus pole), followed by Christmas cooking making on Christmas eve and a Christmas dinner and a secret santa gift exchange on the 25th.



Byron Bay!

IMG_8903For our last day(s) off we took an overnight trip to Byron Bay, known for it’s lazy surf vibe and humpback whale migration! It was a great break before our last two weeks of non-stop data collection! Here are some of the students from the lighthouse watching for whales and dolphins.