IRES fellows-Current

Robin Thady – College of William and Mary

I’m currently a junior at William & Mary studying Biology and Environmental Policy. I grew up on a small family farm outside of Richmond, so I’ve always been surrounded by trees and animals!  I am involved in undergraduate research at William & Mary, studying behavioral ecology through mate preferences of the male zebra finch.  Outside of academics, I’m heavily involved with the Filipino American Student Association even though I have absolutely no Filipino background!  I’d never been abroad or even on a plane before I studied in Galway, Ireland last summer, so I’m so incredibly excited for this research experience to take me all the way across the world!


Margaux Armfield – Tulane University

I’m a sophomore at Tulane University studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Computer Science. In addition to the IRES fellowship program, I am involved in The Hullabaloo (Tulane’s student newspaper) and the club tennis team, and I enjoy painting and roller blading in my free time. After college, I hope to attend graduate school to study evolutionary biology or genetics. Ultimately, I would love to work for a wildlife conservation organization. I am excited to learn more about conducting evolutionary biology and ecology research through the IRESprogram.


Megan Thompson – College of William and Mary

I am a sophomore at The College of William and Mary majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I have been involved in the animal behavior and ecology lab on campus for over a year now and have loved my time studying zebra finches. My dad is in the military, so I have lived all over the US with my family, my wonderful white Labrador named Bear, and more books than I could read in my lifetime. I’m excited to begin researching fairy wrens in Australia and see the country’s beautiful wildlife.

Nathalie Clarke – Tulane University

I was born in Philadelphia, raised in both Paris and Narbonne, France, and now attend Tulane University. I am pursuing a double major in Environmental Biology (EBIO) and Anthropology. In addition to course work, I currently tutors French and hold lab assistant positions in the EBIO department and work at the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South. I am interested in community ecology, behavioral ecology, and tri-trophic symbioses. I plan on studying red-backed fairywren auxiliary males responses to predation risk over the course of the non-breeding season, and how molt date influences behavior.



Phoebe Honscheid – Cornell University

I am a sophomore at Cornell studying ecology and evolutionary biology. I am especially interested in sexual selection, the evolution of color and behavior, and plant/animal interactions. I have always felt at home outdoors and I am so excited that my love for nature has given me the opportunity to explore Australia and its wildlife! I started volunteering at a wildlife center when I was 11 which exposed me to many different species but I have gotten interested in birds after taking an ornithology class in the Dominican Republic. I am currently analyzing the geographic variation of vervain hummingbird song. Besides biology I love poetry, playing the ukulele, and working with birds of prey at the Cornell Raptor Program!


Kai Victor – Cornell University

I’m a freshman at Cornell University majoring in Biology, with a focus on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Although I grew up in NYC, I’ve always loved nature and exploring the outdoors. With a lifelong passion for birds and birding, I’ve conducted field research on attracting birds to mist nets and surveyed bird populations in urban parks. I’m currently researching the function of bird eyelashes with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. After graduating college, I hope to continue studying birds, ideally working on captive breeding and reintroduction projects. When I’m not thinking about birds, I’m usually reading, playing the banjo, or breeding tropical fish. I’m super excited to participate in the IRES program, and study birds in a continent I’ve always wanted to visit!