See what it’s all about through these informative videos made by IRES participants in Darwin and Brisbane. Watch all the videos on the Karubian lab IRES youtube channel! See below for details on the videos.

IRES: A Nature Documentary (Facundo Fernandez-Duque, Cornell 2016). This video demonstrates how IRES students survive the winter in Australia, including foraging for delicious apricot oat bars and arm wrestling to victory.

Lichens (Sarah Toner, Cornell 2016). Did you hear about the fungus and the algae? They took a lichen to each other!

Invasive species (Darcy Gray and Trey Hendrix, Tulane 2016). Wrens love lantana, but should you? Also, cane toads.

Samsonvale News (Izzy and Elizabth Ransone, William & Mary 2016). UFOs, dinosaurs, and cows, oh my!

Fire in the Northern Territory (Alex Gulachenski and Nicole Moody, Tulane 2014). This video discusses the impact of fire on ecosystems in the NT.

World War II: Coomalie (Nathalie Moore and Ryan Cleland, William & Mary 2014). Learn about the rich WWII history at Coomalie, including excerpts from an interview with landowner Richard Luxton.

Rainforests and savannas (Grace Ahn and Jake Durden, Cornell 2014). IRES fellows explore the differences between tropical savannas of Coomalie and the rainforests of Queensland.

Life, Research, and the Pursuit of Food (Kat Zelak and Vera Ivezic, Cornell 2013). Food is important wherever you are! Learn about differences between eating during field research!

Coomalie: Past and Present (Erik Iverson and Xander Rose, Tulane 2013). Travel back to 1942 and see what Coomalie was like then.

Tropical Savanna Seasonality (Payton Phillips and Greg Tito, William & Mary 2013). The Northern Territory has distinct wet and dry seasons. Learn about them in this video!

Research on red-backed fairy-wrens (Mitch Hinton and Kathleen Reily, Tulane 2012). Check out some of the research the 2012 IRES fellows were up to.

A day in the life of an IRES fellow (Kathryn Grabenstein, Cornell 2012). Follow along an undergraduate field biologist for a day in the field from start to finish.



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